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Helping Vietnamese Businesses Generate their own Power

Unlock the potential in your site and generate renewable electricity to drive your business

Whatever your business needs to meet its sustainability targets, we can help. We’re a leading provider of holistic energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Your options range from on-site power generation and energy management systems to eMobility and beyond.

As Vietnam commits to ambitious climate targets, now is the time to take your first steps towards meeting your own clean energy needs.

Go sustainable and cut your energy costs

Work with our energy solutions team and start feeling the benefits:

  • Energy independence: Produce your own power without reliance on the local grid
  • Extra profitability: Cut your energy costs and increase your profit margins
  • Future-orientation: eMobility solutions futureproof your vehicle fleet
  • Sustainability: Cut your carbon footprint and reach your emissions goals
  • Custom solutions: A bespoke service that moves your business forward

Achieve energy self-sufficiency for your organisation

Join thousands of companies around the world who are reaping the rewards of energy independence, no longer reliant on volatile electricity markets. We’ll help you generate and store power, putting you in control of energy costs.

BayWa r.e. are experts in providing energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients. We tailor each photovoltaic system to your specific needs. We have particular expertise providing energy solutions for medium to large businesses and international corporations across multiple sites.

Solutions include:

  • Rooftop PV installations developed to fit your site
  • Solar carports, particularly useful combined with electric vehicle charging stations
  • Ground-mounted PV systems on unused land
  • Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) to secure competitive energy prices
  • Floating-PV installed on unused bodies of water
  • Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs) to meet large scale renewable energy demand
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