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World-class Advice and Support for your Solar Project at any Scale

Floating-PV and ground-mounted projects; get the help you need to make your solar project a reality

Count on us to take your solar project from planning and financing to development through successful implementation. Our expertise covers the whole value chain. We’re a leading global solar energy developer with more than 10 years of experience, fused with intimate knowledge of the market in Vietnam.

Solar development tailored to your business needs

Many different factors are driving businesses towards sustainability, from consumer demand to rising energy costs and new legislation. BayWa r.e. supports companies in Vietnam and all over the world in taking their solar power plans from concept to operations.

From the financing of solar projects to development at utility-scale, we can develop plants that produce renewable energy and include energy storage where appropriate. Our rich network of expertise can navigate all technical, commercial, and legal challenges that come with these high-value projects.

Rely on our team of experts for all planning, licensing and technical requirements. We have years of experience working with landowners, local authorities, and national governments to secure planning permission. We’ll also help meet all the technical preconditions that ensure success.

Utility-scale solar projects

Our world-leading expertise covers the entire value chain of a solar power project. Supported by our parent company, BayWa AG, and our investment partner, Energy Infrastructure Partners AG, we’re in a strong financial position to leverage our extensive network on your behalf.

Our solar development services:

  • Site analysis and assessment
  • Securing and managing approval processes
  • Optimising plant layout 
  • Planning and permit applications
  • Overseeing auctions
  • Structuring and implementing customised participation models
  • Pre-financing and interim financing
  • Marketing electricity

Unlock the potential in your site

Boost your profits by selling or leasing land to BayWa r.e. for solar project development. If you own unused land, we can put it to work creating a stable income for you. We can even turn artificial water surfaces like old sand or gravel pits into floating solar parks.  

Working with us, you gain access to creative ways to use your site and play a proactive role in meeting Vietnam’s renewable energy goals. With no additional investment on your part, you can secure extra income throughout a typical 20-year lease period. We assume all the risk while handling all development and management of the project.

Get in touch for more details about our solar power development services here in Vietnam.

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